Journey to Self

At Kamala, we usher you into a distinctive journey of multidimensional healing, where the art of frequency healing and consciousness transformation intertwine harmoniously.

Our flagship service, “Medicine for Your Personal Frequency,” invites you to embark on a two-hour discovery odyssey within an immersive experience. Here, we delve into the catalysts propelling you toward this transformative healing realm.

Guided by the advanced AO Scan Technology, we weave a tapestry of scans. This intricate process meticulously hones countless Blueprint Frequencies, aligned harmoniously with the intricacies of your bodily systems. The inaugural voyage, known as the Discovery Session, unfurls with four AO Scans.

These encompass the Body Systems Scan, meticulously refining hundreds of Blueprint Frequencies interwoven with 13 body systems. The Vitals Scan stands as a comprehensive assessment, intertwining over 120 thousand Blueprint Frequencies with diverse bodily functions. The Comprehensive Scan delves into frequencies reverberating through more than 130 organs, cells, bones, and chromosomes. And then, the Inner Voice Scan emerges a harmonic dance rectifying excessive frequencies while replenishing those in scarcity.

Amid this session, you will bask in the potent symphony of your inner voice frequencies, orchestrating harmony within. Supporting your healing pilgrimage, we interweave frequencies like Sacred Genetics and Quantum Heart tones, energy healing, Reiki, Sekhem, and channeling with spirit and guides, converging on pivotal focal points.

As the session concludes, a gift of your unique frequencies graces your journey for the forthcoming three days, infusing empowerment into your healing continuum beyond our sacred space. Our embrace extends with a  Transcendental Frequency Analysis, a beacon illuminating energy centres and chakras seeking further alignment.

After this, a symphony of Transcendental Frequency Healing unfolds, augmented by a triad of days adorned with your personal frequency harmonics, conveyed through WhatsApp or email. Our embrace extends with a Transcendental Frequency Analysis, which is an analysis that deciphers energy blockades, unveiling a panorama of choices. This grants you the power to sculpt your healing journey, be it through Frequency Healing sessions or comprehensive programs enfolded in Transformation through Consciousness Coaching.

Acknowledging the sacred tapestry of each individual’s journey and the personalised aura of this frequency medicine, the panorama of services unfolds in tailor-made elegance, propelling frequencies toward a harmonious state of oneness.

Our transformation offerings extend their benevolent touch. Kamala presents an array of empowering envoys:

  • Transcendental Frequency Healing Session: A continuation of personalised healing encounters escorting you along the path of self-discovery and expansion
  • Inner Voice Frequency Tones: An immersion into the profound potency of inner voice frequencies, fostering stand-alone healing journeys.
  • Transformation Coaching through Consciousness: A vessel of empowerment, guiding you to lead with an open heart and embrace your authentic self.