Know Thyself Shamanic Awakening Journey



Step into ancient wisdom, harnessing the potent energy of snake medicine. Each segment of this series is a sacred coil to healing and empowerment. Unravel the mysteries of Frequency Healing and delve into the depths of your being as you shed old layers and awaken your spirit. Let the serpentine path guide you towards profound self-discovery and healing.

Are you ready to embody the frequencies and awaken your true essence?

It is time, to embrace your transformation and embark on a journey of a lifetime. 

**Available for both in-person sessions and online**

Vibrational Core Session: Frequency Awakening Prelude

A 1on1 2hr Shamanic Frequency Healing Journey whereancient practices and Awakener Guidance will unlock pathways to empowerment and renewal, harmonizing your soul with the rhythms of the universe.

Offering includes:

  • Light Code Frequency Healing by an experienced open-hand practitioner
  • Sound Frequency Healing using your unique voice and the sound of your vibration
Part I: Awakening the Lower Triad, a 1on1 5-week Journey through Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus energies

Unlock the power of energies in a 1-on-1 journey spanning 5 weeks, featuring personalized guidance, healing sessions, and transformative practices to your unique path of awakening.

Offering includes:

– 5-week journey through Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus energies

– Weekly Awakener Guidance sessions

– Light code Frequency Healing by an experienced open-hand practitioner

– Shamanic Drum Journey Healing for your Four Bodies

– Sound Frequency Healing using your unique voice and the sound of your vibration per day

– Weekly WhatsApp check-ins

– Awakening Path Workbook with guided drum meditations for each energy centre

Part II: Journey through the Heart, Throat & Third Eye, a 1on1 5-week Soulful resonance into the depths of your Heart, Voice, and Insight

Dive into a soulful 5-week exploration of your heart, voice, and insight, guided by personalized sessions, healing frequencies, shamanic practices, and a transformative workbook for profound self-discovery.

Offering includes:

– 5-week journey through Heart, Throat & Third Eye energies

– Weekly Awakener Guidance sessions

– Light code Frequency Healing by an experienced open-hand practitioner

– Echoes of Insight Shamanic Drum Journey

– Sound Frequency Healing using your unique voice and the sound of your vibration per day

– Weekly WhatsApp check-ins

– Soulful Resonance workbook with guided drum meditations for each energy centre

Part III: Crown & Realign, a 1-on-1 5-week Mastery Journey Beyond Boundaries

Embark on an odyssey of personal mastery, where you push beyond boundaries to elevate your consciousness through personalized sessions, healing frequencies, and transformative journeys. You embody the higher frequency because as you heal, you vibrate differently in the frequency of divine light and love. This empowers you on the path to Know Thyself, allowing you to always honour your truth as you co-create your life.

Offering includes:

– 5-week mastery journey through Crown & Realign energies

– Weekly Awakener Guidance sessions

– Light code Frequency Healing by an experienced open-hand practitioner

– Shamanic Journeys for Crown & Realign energies

– Sound Frequency Healing using your unique voice and the sound of your vibration per day

– Weekly WhatsApp check-ins

– Mastery Workbook with empowering exercises for integration and alignment



Welcome to the Gateway, where discovery awaits both seeker and guide alike. This ever-evolving space is filled with treasures waiting to be uncovered. Stay tuned for new insights and offerings—come explore and see what unfolds.”

Sound of Your Vibration

Explore the window to your soul, healing through the signature of your voice

Dive into the depths of your soul with Sound of Your Vibration, a gateway offering that invites you to explore the profound healing potential of your unique voice signature. Your voice serves as a sacred window into the intricate tapestry of emotions and experiences stored within your body’s ancient technology, offering a pathway to deep self-connection and intuition development.

Through this transformative journey, you will be guided as you tap in, and tune into the wisdom of your being. By harmonizing your vibrations with the power of sound frequency healing, you unlock the latent potential within and cultivate a heightened sense of awareness. As you learn to decipher the language of your body and voice, you gain clarity and insight, enhancing your ability to navigate external energies with confidence and intuition.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and unlock the healing resonance of your voice?

Join today and let the sound of your vibration guide you to profound transformation.

Offering includes:

  • 2 x 1hr Awakener Guidance sessions
  • Sound Frequency Healing using your unique voice and the sound of your vibration per day for 1 calendar month
  • Weekly WhatsApp check-ins

Ancient Rattle Tool

Step into the ancient wisdom of modern times with our handmade Ancient Rattle Sacred tool, lovingly crafted to harness the power of sound and vibration for profound transformation. Acting as a conduit for energy dispersal and brainwave modulation, this sacred instrument guides you into deeper states of consciousness and creativity.

During a personalized consultation, we’ll meet to connect with your unique energy and frequency. Through the Sound of Your Vibration, specific questions will be asked, aligning the rattle’s frequency to yours.  Drawing an animal medicine card adds symbolic depth, enhancing resonance with your unique essence.

We will explore various rattle sounds intuitively selecting the one that resonates most deeply with your soul. Each rattle is finely tuned to your frequency, making it a potent tool for your journey.

Included in this package is a comprehensive video guide, offering teachings on how to incorporate your sacred tool into rituals and practices. Empower yourself to utilize its transformative energy to its fullest potential.

Package Includes:

– Personalized consultation and Sound of Your Vibration session

– Handmade Ancient Rattle Sacred tool tuned to your frequency

– Animal medicine card design selection

– Video guide on how to use your sacred tool in your daily rituals


Sacred Sound Rattle Crafting Workshop

Discover the ancient art of crafting at our Sacred Sound Rattle Crafting Workshop. This workshop is an opportunity for everyone to come together, learn, and create your unique sacred tool.

During our time together, you’ll delve into the rich traditions of wisdom, connecting with ancestral teachings and tapping into your inner wisdom. Through the process of crafting your rattle, you’ll have the chance to infuse your energy and intention into your creation, making it truly your own.

As part of the workshop experience, you’ll also get to draw an animal card, adding a touch of symbolism and depth to your creation. This adds a personal and meaningful aspect to your rattle, enhancing its resonance with your unique energy.

All materials needed to craft your rattle will be provided, except for the handle. I encourage you to bring a handle of your choice – whether it’s a stick, shell, crystal, bone, horn, or any other sacred object that speaks to you.

Workshop Includes:

– All materials supplied to craft your sacred rattle

– Guidance and instruction on crafting your sacred rattle, connection to ancient teachings and wisdom through the crafting process, and opportunity to draw an animal card for added symbolism

Stay connected for upcoming Rattle Workshop Dates!


“In my new talk, ‘Know Thyself, Heal Thyself: A Journey of Transformation,‘ I peel back the layers of my personal journey, revealing the raw truth of my darkest nights of the soul. I share the profound transformation I’ve undergone, shedding not just 30kg of physical weight, but also the burdens of emotional baggage and illusions that once weighed me down.

Through my story, you’ll witness the magic of reclaiming my true essence and stepping into the frequency of Divine Light and Unconditional Love. It’s a journey of embodiment, where interconnectedness with the universe becomes palpable.

As an Awakener Guide, my mission is to Seed Light so that each person may unlock their innate ability within to Know Thyself, Empowering them to Honour their Truth and Walk their path with Authenticity and Grace.

I await the day, that I can share it with you.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

“we are all related”


Wisdom in Waves

A Shamanic Embodied Immersion with Ancient Drum and Rattle Tools

Embark on a profound journey into the depths of your unique signature frequencies and Sacred Geometry blueprints, where the resonance of ancient wisdom intertwines with the essence of your physical form, cradled by the rhythmic heartbeat of the Sage Mother Drum.

We allow for Spirit’s guidance as we navigate our healing journey within. I will be your guide, leading you through the activation of your energy centers, followed by Meditative Movement while using the sacred rattle as it weaves through, dispersing energies that need releasing from our individual auric fields.

From this heightened vibrational realm, surrender to stillness as you lie down, descending into the enchanting rhythm of the drum’s nurturing heartbeat. Explore your inner landscape intimately, and through transformative coding of your frequencies, bring forth more expansion, light, and love into your vessel.

This journey extends a sacred invitation to Know Thyself—a profound recognition and re-remembering that unfolds as you explore and integrate these new vibrational frequencies. Anticipate departing with a deepened and expanded understanding, warmly embracing an elevated state of consciousness.

Stay connected for upcoming Ceremony Dates!

Shamanic Drum Journey

Journey into the depths of your soul with our “Soul Path Drumming” ceremony, where the primal rhythms of the Shamanic Drum lead you to elevated levels of consciousness and inner wisdom. Feel the heartbeat of the earth beneath your feet as you embark on this sacred exploration of self-discovery and healing.


“Soul Path Drumming” offers a transformative experience tailored to your unique journey. With each beat of the drum, you’ll be guided to listen deeply to the whispers of your soul, allowing you to reconnect with your true essence and uncover hidden truths.

Whether experienced individually, with a partner, or among a group of kindred spirits, “Soul Path Drumming” invites you to surrender to the rhythm and flow of the universe. Let the drumbeats carry you home to yourself, where profound insights and inner peace await.”