Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian form of healing which is channelled energy. The word Sekhem means Power of Powers. Sekhem Healing is like Reiki yet like the other systems, it has its own distinctive vibrational frequency; it is pure unconditional love, and it is channelled in a different way. 

Sekhem helps us break down which no longer serves us and helps us transform lives. We all experience the highs and lows of life. It is during the lows that there is opportunity to heal and grow from the war of obstacles and challenges in our lives. It works on all levels physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual accelerating our personal development and elevating our vibrational frequency.


4 Reason to try Sekhem

  • Take time Out to Be Still

  • Empowering the Healer Within

  • Speaking Your Truth

  • Taking responsibility to grow & do the work