Wisdom in Waves

A Shamanic Embodied Immersion with Ancient Drum and Rattle Tools

Embark on a profound journey into the depths of your unique signature frequencies and Sacred Geometry blueprints, where the resonance of ancient wisdom intertwines with the essence of your physical form, cradled by the rhythmic heartbeat of the Sage Mother Drum.

We allow for Spirit’s guidance as we navigate our healing journey within. I will be your guide, leading you through the activation of your energy centers, followed by Meditative Movement while using the sacred rattle as it weaves through, dispersing energies that need releasing from our individual auric fields.

From this heightened vibrational realm, surrender to stillness as you lie down, descending into the enchanting rhythm of the drum’s nurturing heartbeat. Explore your inner landscape intimately, and through transformative coding of your frequencies, bring forth more expansion, light, and love into your vessel.

This journey extends a sacred invitation to Know Thyself—a profound recognition and re-remembering that unfolds as you explore and integrate these new vibrational frequencies. Anticipate departing with a deepened and expanded understanding, warmly embracing an elevated state of consciousness.

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