Sacred Sound Rattle Crafting Workshop

Discover the ancient art of crafting at our Sacred Sound Rattle Crafting Workshop. This workshop is an opportunity for everyone to come together, learn, and create your unique sacred tool.

During our time together, you’ll delve into the rich traditions of wisdom, connecting with ancestral teachings and tapping into your inner wisdom. Through the process of crafting your rattle, you’ll have the chance to infuse your energy and intention into your creation, making it truly your own.

As part of the workshop experience, you’ll also get to draw an animal card, adding a touch of symbolism and depth to your creation. This adds a personal and meaningful aspect to your rattle, enhancing its resonance with your unique energy.

All materials needed to craft your rattle will be provided, except for the handle. I encourage you to bring a handle of your choice – whether it’s a stick, shell, crystal, bone, horn, or any other sacred object that speaks to you.

Workshop Includes:

– All materials supplied to craft your sacred rattle

– Guidance and instruction on crafting your sacred rattle, connection to ancient teachings and wisdom through the crafting process, and opportunity to draw an animal card for added symbolism

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