Part III: Crown & Realign, a 1-on-1 5-week Mastery Journey Beyond Boundaries

Embark on an odyssey of personal mastery, where you push beyond boundaries to elevate your consciousness through personalized sessions, healing frequencies, and transformative journeys. You embody the higher frequency because as you heal, you vibrate differently in the frequency of divine light and love. This empowers you on the path to Know Thyself, allowing you to always honour your truth as you co-create your life.

Offering includes:

– 5-week mastery journey through Crown & Realign energies

– Weekly Awakener Guidance sessions

– Light code Frequency Healing by an experienced open-hand practitioner

– Shamanic Journeys for Crown & Realign energies

– Sound Frequency Healing using your unique voice and the sound of your vibration per day

– Weekly WhatsApp check-ins

– Mastery Workbook with empowering exercises for integration and alignment