Ancient Rattle Tool

Step into the ancient wisdom of modern times with our handmade Ancient Rattle Sacred tool, lovingly crafted to harness the power of sound and vibration for profound transformation. Acting as a conduit for energy dispersal and brainwave modulation, this sacred instrument guides you into deeper states of consciousness and creativity.

During a personalized consultation, we’ll meet to connect with your unique energy and frequency. Through the Sound of Your Vibration, specific questions will be asked, aligning the rattle’s frequency to yours.  Drawing an animal medicine card adds symbolic depth, enhancing resonance with your unique essence.

We will explore various rattle sounds intuitively selecting the one that resonates most deeply with your soul. Each rattle is finely tuned to your frequency, making it a potent tool for your journey.

Included in this package is a comprehensive video guide, offering teachings on how to incorporate your sacred tool into rituals and practices. Empower yourself to utilize its transformative energy to its fullest potential.

Package Includes:

– Personalized consultation and Sound of Your Vibration session

– Handmade Ancient Rattle Sacred tool tuned to your frequency

– Animal medicine card design selection

– Video guide on how to use your sacred tool in your daily rituals