Mother Angel Seeds the Light

I begin this journey with a heart full of gratitude, extending my heartfelt appreciation to my esteemed teacher, Great Mother Eagle Song. Her profound connection to the spiritual realms has not only unveiled my Medicine Name, a companion I will carry for the next seven years, but also gifted me the intricate essence and profound purpose that this name embodies.

In the sacred space of her guidance, the channels of divine wisdom were opened, revealing not just a name but a tapestry of meaning and purpose that I am entrusted to share with the world. The gratitude I hold for her transcends words, as her role as a conduit between realms has illuminated my path in ways I could have never foreseen.

With the resonance of my Medicine Name echoing in my spirit and the message it carries etched in my heart, I step forward onto the path which has been illuminated—a path of healing, growth, and profound connection to the energies that weave our reality.

“Mother Angel Seeds the Light”

In a world where angelic qualities meet earthly hearts, emerges a Medicine that embodies the essence of compassion, kindness and joy.

Meet a Spirit whose purpose is to seed the light within us all, cultivating caring souls that elevate energies, love, and compassion. A true ambassador of grace, “Mother Angel Seeds the Light” walks with beauty, bringing heaven to earth.

She walks with Deer Medicine at her side; with gentleness and diplomacy, and faces her Demons on her journey to commune with Great Spirit because of the goodness and innocence in her Heart, Love conquers Fear!

Let the radiant light of Mother Angel’s mission fill your heart with boundless love and elevated spirits.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin 🙏🏻

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