Walk through the Fear, Live your Life  

We are all on a path and every day we are in the school of life and even though our paths all look different and the journey itself unfolds differently we are all travelling together as one to bring each other home.

My message has always been since travelling the Red Road that it is our birth right to live a life that we deserve, a life of abundance in all aspects where there is only unconditional love. Where our truth is our identity and love is our message.

Red Road for those of you who do not know, simply means Living your best life, aligned with all as we are one.

Since I started on this journey of introspective healing and deep understanding, of remembering who I truly am I have almost had what I can only describe as failure to launch.

In the back of our minds, we sit with the whispers that say, you not ready, where is the money coming from, how will I survive, who will listen etc. etc.

The list goes on and on, for each of us the narrative may be different, but the message is the same.

This trauma and way of thought is an underlining heavy conditioning and utter lies, I will label this under no self-worth and of course fear of failure.

In 2022 I had an extremely difficult year that took its toll on me emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. My world, my life was crumbling around me.  There was so much noise that I was not hearing my own truth.

Today marked a turning point for me in ways I cannot express, I learned a couple of valuable lessons which I want to share with you:

  • Taking the easy road out, the road that has been travelled, the road where you are “safe”, your “comfort, fall back zone” is not necessarily the right road for your journey while you on your path
  • Feeling like Simba from the Lion King when Rafiki smacks him on the head over and over before he ducks because he becomes present in the moment where he understands that he is making the same mistake twice and expecting a different result
  • Allowing another to dictate what your worth is gives your power away 
  • Money like anything else is energy and it flows, don’t focus your energy on the money and the chase of that where you lose sight of what path to take so that your life is filled with all that is true, all that is light
  • Recognise what is true unconditional love when another speaks to your soul, holds space for you as you transition through the process of walking away from what no longer serves you
  • The beautiful moment when you are truly seeing from the heart space into another’s soul and being able to say, I see you and give gratitude for them and who they are and the value they hold in your space ** “I see you“ which means I see the love, your feelings, your soul, and you mean everything to me.
  • Having the courage to walk your Red Road, be brave and stand in your power
  • Listen to your higher self and open your eyes and your heart to see the messages that are given to us every day. They are there to guide us

Over the last 48-hours I have seen the following omens and I will highlight a few messages that resonate with me today for this lesson, this message to you:


  • Begin releasing yourself from unproductive illusions that hold your soul’s progression back
  • Transformation is dawning on the horizon.


  • Bats are associated with connection to the Divine and the mysteries of rebirth and initiation.
  • You may need to accept being questioned or misunderstood by the masses in order to courageously follow your own perceptions and instincts


  • Something new and wonderful is about to unfold!
  • Time for personal growth and greater awareness of your mental, physical, and spiritual rhythms.
  • Change can sometimes be challenging and daunting because it moves us out of our comfort zone


  • Peacock reminds you to make your voice heard, even if others criticize you
  • Symbol of protection, having “Eyes in the back of your head” to sense what you cannot see with your physical eyes.

And finally, a stick that looked like a wishbone that was brought into my space by my guardian Chakra, the Rottweiler. This to me was saying why are you, making a choice to lose when you know you hold the power and the light within you to soar with the eagle.

So, beautiful beams of light my message to all is do not allow Fear to cause more issues, Unleash your power and never fear anything again.

Practise unconditional love for all including YOUSELF. Today is the only day for you to decide.

Be present in this moment and concentrate on how you will improve your life. This is why today is the only one that matters. Take advantage right now, Decide today, What will you do to give your life meaning and purpose?

There are simply no do overs so take the hours, minutes and seconds that you have.

For me I choose and want a life of abundance where I serve and raise higher consciousness not only for me but for you as we travel the journey together, home.  

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