I See You

If you saw the movie Avatar remember that the Na’vi, the natives of Pandora instead of saying “I love you” they say “I See you.”

To see the other is to recognize him as someone very similar to you, go beyond surfacing and immerse yourself in Being.

It means more than seeing the other physically. It means to see a look loving inside the other, with understanding, acceptance and connection of our common vulnerability, humanity and Divinity.

 I see your pain.

 I see your strengths.

 I see you and accept Everything i see, even what I dislike even what is different to my beliefs.

 I see your light

 I see you without judging you, without blaming you.

 I see you beyond any expectation and projection since they can harm you and hide your identity deeper.

 I see you in all your dimensions and in the wealth of all your experiences.

I see you; it is my way of receiving you unconditionally, and by doing so I allow you to see and receive you as you are.

I see you; it means letting yourself be irradiated, without filters, without masks and without fears.

 When I say “I see you” is that I’m leaving aside my judgment, my prejudices to see you for real entirely, how you really are, and I accept you exactly how you are

 I see you because I can see myself too.

 Something beautiful, among the tribes  from South Africa, the most common greeting (In Zulu) is Sawubona, means “I see you”.

It is a way of seeing the other, to accept it as it is, with his virtues, with his light, and also, with its flaws.

 “That’s how I exist for you.” respect you, I value you, YOU are important to me, and I accept you.

 “I accept you as you are,  and you are part of me”


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