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Welcome to Kamala;

Embody your Higher Frequency & Come Home to Yourself

Aho, and welcome, brave souls. It takes courage to embark on the journey within.

I am, Cerise, and I walk with the medicine name Mother Angel Seeds the Light. As an Awakener Guide, I am here to seed the light, guiding you as you unlock the key to release dense energies and step into the frequencies of your Divine Self.

The journey to Know Thyself is a sacred blessing—an invitation to unlock the dormant abilities nestled within your being. It is my deepest honour to journey alongside each of you as you awaken to a life of beauty and boundless potential.

As an open-hand practitioner of Light code Frequency and a conduit for diverse spiritual wisdom and healing energies, I offer more than just healing. It’s an invitation to empowerment, a journey to navigate your consciousness and embrace your true self as you reconnect with ancient wisdom and sacred laws. I have a diverse medicine bundle, a multidimensional approach for a multidimensional being like you, recognizing the unique vibration of everyone. This medicine is tailored to resonate with your Personal Frequency.

Rooted in the principles of the Good Red Road, my journey embodies balance, respect, and harmony with self, others, and the natural world. These spiritual foundations infuse all offerings and ceremonies, amplifying the transformative power of ancient teachings.

Join me as we embark on this profound journey of healing, an elevation of consciousness, and rediscovery of self.

Together, let’s illuminate the path to your true essence and liberation—coming home to the source within.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin 

“we are all related”

Cerise Maartens