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Welcome to Kamala;

Embrace Your Higher Frequency, Awaken Your True Self

I walk with the name Mother Angel Seeds the Light, as a traveller amidst the realms of ancient wisdom. Through the art of Transcendental Frequency Healing, I weave threads that harmonise the fabric of time, interlacing past, present, and future. It beckons one to attune to their individual vibration, to venture beyond boundaries. Within this sacred expanse resides the key, unlocking innate potentials and guiding towards a profound unity—a oneness that pulses within.

Cerise Maartens

I hold space for you to embark on a transformative Journey of Self-Love, spanning across realms of healing. There is no greater voyage than the one to the depths of your being. The programs are crafted from years of profound study, self-discovery, and the advanced AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer, culminating in the ultimate shift of energy that sets Kamala apart.

Through the power of Transcendental Frequency Healing, we delve into the very essence of your being, unlocking the hidden potentials that span across different dimensions.

From my perspective:

  • Radiate Authenticity: Your true essence is your most vibrant frequency. Embrace it and kindle the power within, sending ripples across every facet of your existence.
  • Embrace Love’s Healing: Immerse yourself in the profound healing and boundless expansion that love brings. Elevate your life beyond the confines of the ordinary.
  • Transform Through Consciousness: Marvel at the alchemy of transformation ignited by your consciousness. Heal from within, surpassing limits that span across all realms.
  • Liberate Yourself: Shed the constraints of what no longer serves you. Break free from blockages that hinder your growth, freeing your multidimensional self to soar.
  • Guided by an Open Heart: The resolute force of a loving, open heart is your greatest strength. Let it radiate its healing essence, guiding your journey.
  • Illuminate with Unconditional Love: Bask in the brilliance of unwavering love, casting a luminous path that reveals the truth and radiance within every aspect of your being.

When our paths intertwine in divine timing, our focus will be on nurturing your emotional and spiritual well-being, embracing all levels of your existence. By releasing energetic blockages stored within your physical body and beyond, we facilitate holistic change, bringing you to oneness.

It’s essential to understand that I cannot heal you, for the true medicine lies within you throughout the entire journey of self-discovery.

As a Multidimensional Healer, I am here to lead you in unlocking the sacred key to your innate ability to heal yourself and harmonize your existence. Together, we’ll walk this path until you find your way home – to the depths of your heart, where true healing transcends space and time.

Are you ready to embark on a soulful journey of self-discovery, transformation, and healing? Step into the embrace of Kamala, where frequencies converge, and your soul finds its wings, unfolding into its fullest potential.